Joseph Hughes

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Acrylic/ linen
19.5 x 17.5 in 50 x 45 cm


Recent Paintings

June 2013

Galerie Katharina Krohn
Basel, Switzerland

ReFocus: Art of the 1970s

April 28, 2012 – August 26, 2012
Museum of Contemporary Art | Jacksonville
Jacksonville, FL

5 x 5 Invitational Exhibition
November 30, 2011 - December 16, 2011
Westmont Museum of Art
Santa Barbara, CA

Joseph Hughes
Selected Paintings 1990s - 2000s
May 21, 2011 – July 31, 2011
Avampato Discovery Museum/ The Clay Center
Charleston, West Virginia

Joseph Hughes and Color Painting: Joseph Hughes has resolved, perhaps better than anyone else working today, the dauntingly complex relationship between the immaterial aura of color and the physical support that generates the color image.

Considered physically, Hughes's painting keeps the color superbly grounded to the surface of the canvas; considered metaphysically, his painting assures us with equal credibility that color resides in an immaterial realm... (continued)

-George Lawson, 2002


Born in Moundsville, WV

1967 Moved to San Francisco, CA,
  Lives and works in San Francisco, CA


1964 BA, Marshall University, 1964
Magna Cum Laude/ Honors in Art and English Literature
West Virginia Board of Education Fellowship
1964 University of London,
Graduate Tutorial Honors
1964 University of Cincinnati,
NDEA Graduate Fellowship
1967 MA, Marshall University,
Graduate Teaching Assistantship
1984 Who's Who in American Art (New York)
1985 Men of Distinction (Cambridge)